Arnolds Bio

In his life journeys through the American Landscape from California to North Carolina it's always been about the music.
As a touring musician, side man, solo artist, and poet, he's played with and learned from the best.  From Jeff Buckley, Danny Carey and John Humphrey, to Chris Whitley.
Arnold has two solo records Mojave Moon and Desert Dream, and two collaborative records with the Bourgeois Gypsies. Blue Morning and Faulty Fairytales. His new record DRIVE is out now.
Arnold spent the last year writing and recording this record from Nashville to L.A. with stops in Memphis, spending his nights driving and days writing and recording. From the soulful 'Memphis' to the get up and go 'Turned on me,  this records going to grab you.
''When people here their story in my songs, that's the magic; thats the deal"


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Arnold Mitchem